What Are the New Spa Trends Today?

After a tiring exercise in whatever you do, you should find time to relax. Spa treatment services have significant benefits in physical and mental health. For a long time, spa treatment services have been characterized by booking a session in a facility, paying and getting some basic treatments. However, experts have come up with new approaches to spa treatments to ensure that the clients get the best value for their money. Before you book the next appointment, you should know what to expect. In this article, you will discover more about the new spa trends in 2019.

The first spa trend today is the use of salt. Apart from using salt to flavor your food, modern spas have found that it can be used to enhance spa treatments. You may be surprised to learn that there are salt beds, salt rooms, etc. Salt has been used for many years because it is believed to help in curing respiratory issues. Through salt therapy, you will benefit from a detoxifying effect, boosting your mood as well. You should also note that if you sit in a salt room for one hour, you will feel the high concentration similar to the feeling of spending time at the sea for some days.

The use of CBD in spa treatments is also gaining popularity. With the legalization of the use and ownership of marijuana in some states, spas have invested a lot in CBD treatments. You will be able to benefit from its ability to reduce anxiety, chronic pain as well as several skin issues. However, you won’t get high. It is upon you to decide if you are going to book a session. It is also important to note that many spas have included it in their menus so you won’t have to be worried about where to get the treatments. Do look up Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness in Scottsdale.

The other notable trend that should be on this list is airport spas. Due to increased demand, today, you should expect to find an in-flight massage. Apart from creating an environment that regulates the humidity for passengers, there are also pool services at the airports. For some major airlines that are on long-haul flights, you are likely to enjoy programs that focus on healthy food, better sleep, etc. If you have been wondering what is happening in the spa and wellness industry, you now know what you can opt for. Learn more about spa facial treatments here: https://youtu.be/-jjJ1tjf5xA

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